HOMAGE is the first NASNAMA collection launched on the 18 th December
2020. Inspired by our Kurdish roots, we wanted to pay tribute to our homeland

HOMAGE is the approach we chose for our brand to celebrate Kurdish culture
and identity through art and fashion. It aims to interpret nostalgia through
streetwear fashion..
The juxtaposition of minimalism and strong symbolism is used to highlight the
vividness of Kurdish culture.

Symbols such as the Kurdish sun with its 21 rays, the map of Greater Kurdistan,
the four mountain peaks representing Bakur, Bashur, Rojhelat and Rojava are
the main aspects of this collection. These are presented through minimalist
artwork to reference that all too familiar connection between “home” and the
Kurdish Diaspora generations.
The vacant spaces surrounding the symbols represent the endless stretch of
time through which these they, their nostalgia and their stories travel with us
and through us.

NASNAMA is keen to collaborate with talented individuals among millennials
and Gen-Z – both “back home” and among the diaspora - such as graphic
artists, photographers, web developers etc. To truly pay tribute to our Kurdish
roots in this HOMAGE collection it was important to work with young Kurdish
talent. In this collection the work of two Kurdish photographers has been used
to celebrate old and new landmarks of Kurdish cities. Rawand Ducani`s work of
Hawler's citadel has been key in shedding light on nostalgia while Dastan Khidr’s 

photography celebrates the young soul of Slemani through images of its
Roman inspired amphitheatre. Equally, Farshad Ghorbani brought life our
website through his web development expertise while the creative process of
the brand’s artwork was led by Koshe Salayi.

Rawand Ducani's Hawler Citadel

Hawler Citadel

Rawand Ducani,Photographer.

Dastan Khidr

Silemani Amphitheatre

Dastan Khidr, Photographer