NEWROZ  is the first limited edition collection launched by NASNAMA.

The 21st Of March marks the new year in the Kurdish calendar. It is the day of Newroz meaning New Day.

From a creative perspective it was important to showcase the story of Newroz.

Inspiration for every artwork came from the characters, the symbolism and the energy and strong bond Kurds have to Mother Nature when celebrating a new year and rebirth.


With digitally created collage art alongside minimalist line art each individual piece dives deep into the story and legends of Newroz. This is a story of revenge, celebration and rebirth for Kurdish people and other cultures who celebrate Newroz.

Inspired by the connection the Kurdish calendar has to the re-birth of nature, The Celestial Kurdish Sun is A minimal Line art depicting the moon phase embodied into the Kurdish Sun and its 21 sunrays.


A collection of limited-edition graphic tees explores legends and characters of Newroz we have all come to love and treasure.

Check out the Collection and pick your favourite this Newroz 2021.

Kawa the Tyrant Slayer-

Kawa being portrayed in this collection as a Kurdish superhero. A revolutionary story of a Kurdish blacksmith seeking revenge on a Tyrant Emperor who had his serpents murder Kawa’s sons.

Newroz is a great time for appreciating the legends and mythological symbols that make up the Kurdish culture.

People of The Mountains

Using the mountain goat as a symbol on ‘People of The Mountains’ was inspired by the work of a new and upcoming Kurdish artist Hogir Ar whose work has been celebrated for its political messages and Surrealism approach. Hogir Ar has been able to re-introduce the Kurdish mountain goats as a strong symbol of the existence of Kurdish land and culture.


There is so much yet to discover and celebrate whether it is another legend or a new talent. NASNAMA will continue to be inspired by elements that make up an identity to create a community that celebrate the individual.

Happy Newroz 2021 to all who celebrate it!

The NASNAMA team.


Written by, Koshe Salayi