Brexit Shipping Changes

How Brexit will affect your orders with NASNAMA

Following the end of the UK's transition period to leave the EU, which happened on 1st January 2021, there are changes we're facing when selling to customers in the EU as we're UK based.

Courier networks are facing immediate challenges with new export processes that they must follow too, resulting in DPD suspending their services to Europe for the second time in a month in early January. 

Below are some answers to the ways in which we as a business have been affected by Brexit and the result for Europe based customers.

Will NASNAMA need to collect more data to fulfil my orders to the EU?

We will soon need to collect the correct contact information for customers based in the EU, which will be passed on to our couriers in case they need to make contact about import fees that are owed by the customer before delivery can be made.

If this information is not provided, it's possible that shipments will incur delays.

Will there be increases to shipping costs?

NASNAMA mainly use one courier when dispatching orders to the EU; Royal Mail. We Use DPD as a backup.

Royal Mail have increased their prices for January 2021 for Inter­national services, including Europe, which in turn have been reflected in the NASNAMA shipping rates. Please check here  for details.

Will there be increases to shipping times to the EU?

With the changes in export requirements to the EU from the UK, many couriers are reporting challenges with the increased demand of resource required to process parcels at their usual speed and are advising possible delays in the short term. Please click here for details.

Who is the Exporter of the order?

NASNAMA is operating as the Exporter of orders that we send to your customers.

Who is the Importer of the order?

You; the customer is the Importer.

What Incoterms will NASNAMA use to ship to the EU?

NASNAMA are trading on a DAP (Delivered At Place) basis with our customers and this is how goods will be exported to the EU.